Date No. Subject Files
22.06.12 2709-SL(AL)/4S-9/2004(Pt-I) Format for permission for transfer of plot in terms of Notification No. 2709-SL(AL)/4S-9/2004(Pt-I) dated 22.06.2012
Application Form for Transfer of Lease hold land in Salt Lake City.(Residential) [APPLICATION FORMS TO BE SUBMITTED IN QUADRUPLICATE]  

Prior permission for transferring my share.(Residential Gift) 

Application for approval of New Member(s) in respect of the Co-Operatives in Bidhannagar,Kolkata. 

Application for change of Membership for the Co-Operatives Plot in Bidhannagar,Kolkata. 

Document required at the time of HEARING at URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT in connection with transfer of SALT LAKE, KOLKATA. 

Proforma of Transfer of Lease /Deed of Assignment

Proforma of Lease Deed (GIFT). 

28.04.2015 741-UD/SL(AL)/4S-12/2010(Part-I)

NOTIFICATION: In the active consideration of the Government for some time for allowing non-residential use of residential buildings within Salt Lake City (Bidhannagar).
Application seeking No Objection Certificate(NOC) towards using the residential building for non-residential use in terms of the provisions as laid down in clause 2(9)/2(10) of the lease deed. 

08.12.2011 4005-UD/O/M/SL(AL/NR)/8L-08/04 Notification: The Government of West Bengal in the Urban Development Department has been extending Estate Management Services to the lessees of plots in the Bidhannagar (Salt Lake) Township. The cost of such services has been escalated considerably since issuance of said order.
Application for Mutation concerning the probate granted by the competent court.(Residential) 

Application for Mutation concerning the death of the lessee.(Residential)