Kalyani Township
The Hon’ble Members are aware that some years back a committee comprising the Chairman, Kalyani Municipality and representatives of the departments and agencies engaged in development works at Kalyani was set up to workout and monitor development of Kalyani Township.
The Committee has identified a number of schemes totaling Rs. 3.16 Crore in various sectors for taking up in phased manner, out of which four schemes amounting to Rs. 33.00 lakh has been taken up during the current year. Rest of the schemes will be taken up during the 11th Plan period.
Recently we have set up a committee under the Chairmanship of the District Magistrate, Nadia for considering various issues relating to utilizing the vacant plots and built up houses under control of the Urban Development Department. A policy guideline has been issued for systematic disposal of plots and built houses in the Kalyani township.
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