Date No. Subject Files
13.04.2015 772-T & CP/C-2/2C-03/2015 The Governor is pleased to constitute the Board of Tarapith Rampurhat Development Authority. Download
13.04.2015 771-T & CP/C-2/2C-05/2015 The Governor is pleased to constitute the Board of Furfura Sharif Development Authority. Download
09.04.2015 758-T&CP/C-2/2C-19/14 In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section 2 of Section I of the West Bengal Town & Country (Planning & Development) (Amendment) Act 1979 (West Bengal Act XIII of 1979), the Governor is pleased hereby to make an amendment of T&CP Act to create an Eco-Tourism Board with immediate effect. Download
30.03.2015 985-UD/O/M/Estt./E-17/2005(Pt.) Shri Ram Prasad Biswas, Officer-no-Special Duty, Urban Development Department (T&C.P.Branch),Shri Swapan Kumar Dhara,Officer-on-Special Duty, Urban Development Department(U.L.C.Branch) as State Assistant Public Inforation Officer of Urban Development Department for carrying out the purposes of the said Act on behalf of the Urban Development Department,Government of West Bengal until further order. Download
24.03.2015 913-UD/O/M/HID/6E-01/2015 Sri Nikhil Saha, Additional Chief Engineer (EI), South Zone, PWD is appointed on deputation to the post of Chief Engineer (Electrical), WBHIDCO Ltd. with effect from joining the, until further order. Download
23.03.2015 905-UD/O/M/HID/4I-7/2011 The Governor has been pleased to appoint Shri Debasish Sen, IAS, Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal as a Director of the West Bengal Housing Ifrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.(WBHIDCO). Download
17.03.2015 589 - T & CP/C-2/2C-2/2001(I) The Governor is pleased to include Chairman, Haldia Municipality as member of the Board of Haldia Development Authority. Download
17.03.2015 819-UD/O/M/HID/5M-04/2015 Notification to exempt the mutation fees in respect of the land alloted to Presidency University by WBHIDCO Ltd. at Plot No. DG 2/2 in New Town, Kolkata. Download
26.02.2015 612-UD/O/M/HID/5M-01/2015 Notification to AMRI Hospital Ltd. for allotment of 5(five) acres of land comprised in Plot No. DG-19 within AA-1D, New Town, Kolkata for purpose of setting up a Multi-Speciality / Super-Speciality Hospital on 3 (three) acres of land and for the purpose of setting up a Nursing College with Hostel facility and Para-Medical College exclusively on the balance 2 (two) acres of land out of the total quantum of land. Download
17.02.2015 285-T&CP/C-2/2L-03/2015 Notification regarding collection of transfer fee by different Development Authority  Download
02.01.2015 1-UD/O/M/HID/5M-29/2012 Exemtion of 20% fees of sanction of building plan of Second campus of Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute  Download
22.12.2014 4103(32)-T&CP/C-2/3A-06/2014 FORMULATION OF TOWNSHIP POLICY


21.10.2014 3406-UD/O/M/Estt./E-19/2014 West Bengal Right to Public Services Act, 2013  Download
12.08.2014 No.2531-UD/O/M/SL(AL/NR)/8L-8/2014 In Salt lake many institutions/person have constructed buildings to carry out IT/ITES business with higher FAR of 5.9 against FAR of 2.75 allowable usually for Non-residential Building other than IT and ITES.  Download
24.03.2014 No.1679F(Y) It has come to the notice of Sate Government that the deduction made from different types of Bills for different purposes are not properly deposited/booked under appropriate heads of accounts by some of the Cheque Drrawing Officers/DDOs of the Works and Forest Department, although procedural guidelines in respect of deposit of the fund recovered from the contractor's bill were issued vide FD memo. no.3962-F dated 29.05.2006  Download
12.08.2014 No.3377-SL(AL)4S-9/2004(Pt.-I) In partial modification of Notification No.2709-SL(AL)4S-9/2004(Pt.I) dated 22.06.2012, the following explanation is hereby incorporated and will be deemed to have been incorporated from the date of issue of the notification explanation reffered to herein before, after Pare-4 of the aforementioned Notification. The explanation is as follows:  Download
06.08.2014 No.127/NGRB/SPMG/Vehicle-3/2011 Sealed quotation are hereby invited by the Program director, West Bengal State NGRB Program Management Group (SPMG), Nagrayan Saltlake for the engagement of a diesel Driven preferably A.C vehicle (Motor Cab) for discharge the duty of SPMG Official on daily hire basis for official uses  Download
07.08.2014 No.2530-UD/O/M/CS/IV-01/2014 Quotation are hereby invited from Owner/authorized supplier for supplying of one diesel Motor Car of EURO-3 MODEL (Non-air Conditioned) of Mass Emission Standard BS-III on monthly hire basis for the use of Urban Development Department (Metropolitan Development Branch) within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of issuance of this notice.  Download
21.11.2013 No 3865-UD/O/M/HID/41-3/2011 In exercise of the power conferred by section 159 read with section 65 of the New Town Kolkata Development Authority Act 2007(Westbengal Act XXX of 2007).  Download
31.07.2014 121(2)/NGRB/SPMG/HR-1/2011 Engagement in the following vacant post of SPMG on contractual basis on consolidated monthly remunaration initially for one year, extendable for further two year subject to satisfactory performance  Download
21.07.2014 2162(13)-T&CP/C-2/2B-19/2012 Implementation of E-Tender by all Development Authorities Under Urban Development Department  Download